I have known Radhika for a while now. Radhika is passionate about Health IT and also is a hard worker. She pays attention to details, committed to the work assigned to her, and strives to deliver her tasks on time.

Abder-Rahman Ali
Medical Imaging research fellow (France)


Radhika was a reliable and dedicated asset to our publications on VBOOKY.COM. She produced thoughtful content on health, beauty and wellness. She is easy to get along and tries her best to be professional and sincere at her work. I would highly recommend Radhika as a freelance health and wellness contributor.

Manoranjan Ingudam
Co-founder & CEO, VBOOKY Team (Bangalore, India)


Radhika Narayanan has spent several months on a book about creating usable, user-friendly web sites and computer programs in health. This book, based on solid research and experience in usability and the health care field, could become definitive and fill a large gap in the computer field’s understanding of the needs of professionals and patients in health care. Radhika is doing this with no expectation of financial gain, keeping up her efforts on the book during a major move, and I am also volunteering my time to edit the book. The case studies and advice reveal her substantial expertise and her dedication to improving life for everyone involved in health care (except those vendors who go out of business because they fail to adopt best practices and produce usable interfaces).

Andy Oram
Editor at O’Reilly (Boston)

I have had the pleasure of working together with Radhika as fellow content writers for an online fitness discovery platform to which she contributed in delivering articles on health and fitness. She was always quick to deliver both in terms of quality and meeting deadlines, and perceptively understanding of the readers’ requirements as well.

Karen Marwein
Content developer at Gympik

Radhika is our content writers. She is a quick learner and picked up requirements fast and delivered the required content without any delay.

Chidambaram Subramanian
Founder at Mallipoo.com